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horizontal steam autoclave features

Le 1 September 2015, 13:08 dans Humeurs 0

A horizontal steam autoclave is widely used in production line for AAC autoclaved aerated concrete block, concrete pipe pile, lime-sand brick, fly ash brick, microporous calcium silicate board, insulation asbestos board, high-strength gypsum building materials.

Generally after the process of curing(in fact it is Cao-Si02- H2O water thermal chemical reactions that take place within the kettle) products get the ultimate strength,it is the desired effect of increased service life.The autoclave for AAC block plant also suitable for rubber and wood drying and anti-corrosion,etc.

1.The whole steel plate Q345R (16MnR) make up the autoclave. The lid flange and body flange are made by forging the whole steel plate (model Q345R (16MnR)). The welding of pressure parts is heat-treated and go through strict non-destructive testing as the relevant standards required.

2. The door of steam autoclave is mobile shutter structure. There is two opening ways which is top door and side door. It equipped with a safety interlock protection device.

3. The sealing of the door uses imported rubber seals from professional manufacturers. Simple installation, good seal and long service life. The supports could be three kinds as different parts required: fixed support, mobile support and end dedicated support.

4. The steam autoclave has necessary valves and meters such as safety valve, pressure gauge, temperature measurement devices, intake valve, exhaust valve, sealing ball valve and hydrophobic valve. It also has decontamination tank for users to choose.   how to maintain autoclave equipment

Dual fuel gas oil steam boiler manufacturer

Le 1 September 2015, 11:57 dans Humeurs 0

Dual fuel boiler, that is, a boiler can burn two types of fuel at the same time, our gas oil fired boiler is such a dual fuel boiler. But in the past, there was no dual-fuel boiler, because dual fuel burner wasn’t occurred. According to the high development of heat energy equipment in the world, some countries in Europe began to produce and sale dual fuel burner. The organic combination of dual fuel burner and boiler generator a new kind of boiler–oil and gas boiler. 

Unlike coal fired boilers, dual fuel oil and gas fired steam boiler need to use burner to shoot fuel into boiler furnace and it does not have chain grate inside the boiler, and it does not need a grate at all, for gas oil fired boiler will not produce ash and slag after burning. The oil and gas boiler shot into the furnace mingle with air in certain extent, it will explore likely. So oil and gas boiler have used automotive system of burn and control. It is a compact machine, small boiler body, ventilating device, water feeding machine, control and auxiliary equipment all connect into one distribution cabinet. 

Our fire tube three pass gas oil fired boiler can be used both in Industrial Pharmaceutical, paper making, tobacco, printing, dyeing, garment and other industries and civil Catering, laundry, hospital disinfection, sauna, hotel, etc.